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The entire food banking system is built on partnerships and collaboration. While FOOD For Lane County administers many of its own programs, we rely on our network of approved partner agencies to distribute the majority of the food we collect. All FFLC Partner Agencies are independent non-profit or religious organizations.

FOOD For Lane County enables the county to operate one local food distribution center and system, thereby saving individual charities the high cost of storage, personnel, and transportation which would be required to receive large food donations directly. These economies of scale allow for the most efficient and effective use of both food and financial donations.

Unlike most other food banks around the country, we do not charge our agencies a fee to receive food from us. While this increases the amount of money that we need to raise annually, we feel it is another way we can support our Partner Agencies, who are often small non-profits with limited budgets and fundraising capabilities. By providing food to our Partner Agencies, they can focus their time and resources on their areas of expertise, strengthening the community safety net.

Interested in becoming a partner agency? Contact Sara McNamara here, or Shannon Dennehy here

Partner Agency Forms and Resources

These materials are available for all current partner agencies of FOOD for Lane County.

Quick links:

Volunteer Training Log – Civil Rights, Food Safety, and Confidentiality Agreement (renew annually)

Partner Agency Orientation Online Module

Civil Rights Training Video (English and Spanish)

Food Safety Video (English)

Food Safety Video (Spanish)

Retail Direct Pickup Training Video & Resources

Current list of Partner Agencies (Updated 2.5.21)

Inventory Categories (dry & frozen food)

Partner Agency Perishable Food Categories

Social Justice Library

Food Safety Resources

This training must be completed annually for all paid and volunteer staff involved with your food distribution program. The training can be done as a presentation & discussion (using the facilitator notes below), or by reading and signing the civil rights brochure.

Civil Rights Brochure (English)

FFLC Civil Rights Training

FFLC Civil Rights Training – Facilitator Notes