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Provide food, provide hope

Covid-19: Where can I donate food and what do you need most?

Food Donations from Individuals:

We are so grateful for community members’ generosity and desire to help. FFLC can accept food donations at our 2345 West Broadway location, Monday through Friday between 9 am and 3 pm. As of January 2022, our flagship warehouse at 770 Bailey Hill Rd. is being remodeled and is temporarily closed to donations. Please call ahead if you are donating a large volume of food: 541-343-2822. Peanut butter, tuna, canned vegetables, canned stews, soups and chili are among the most needed foods.

Due to time/temperature and cold chain regulations we are unable to accept frozen foods, dairy and meats. Please consider donating funds and we’ll purchase frozen protein items with food safety best practices in mind.

Home Garden Produce Donations:

Drop produce off at FFLC’s West Broadway Warehouse, located at 2345 West Broadway, Monday through Thursday between 12 pm and 3 pm. We will gladly accept any non-damaged, non-wormy, non-ground fall, normal sized (not overly large) fruits or vegetables.

Please wash your hands, and we strongly encourage wearing masks and gloves when harvesting to promote COVID safety best practices. Pre-bagged leafy produce is best, but we’ll take it either way. Please use sanitized and clean containers for harvesting and delivery.

Upon arriving at our West Broadway warehouse, please go through the doors labeled “Partner Agency Entrance” and ring doorbell for assistance. An FFLC staff member will be out to take your donation, and give you a receipt if you want one.

Masks are required when entering the building. Thank you!

Food Donations from Food Industry Partners:

Food Business Partners Brochure

Folleto de socios en la Industria de Alimentos – español

If you represent a food processor, distributor, wholesaler, trucker, or other part of the food industry, and you have food to donate, please contact us at 541-343-2822 ext. 122 to discuss your donation.

Food and Fund Drives:

Independently run food drives that do involve large gatherings and where social distancing can be accomplished can take place. The organizer(s) of such drives need to reach out to our Food Drive Coordinator if you would like a barrel for collection. Contact Sarah Reiter at 541-343-2822 ext. 124 for more information.

HOST A FOOD DRIVE: Our Mission, to reduce hunger by engaging our community to create access to food. FOOD For Lane County wants to end hunger in lane county and we can't do that without the help of our community. Almost all of the food that FOOD for Lane County distributes is donated, not purchased. FOOD For Lane County Distributes 8 million pounds of food per year, with the help of 163 partner agencies throughout Lane County. How You Can Help: Host a Food Drive Non-perishable foods help to provide meal creating variety to our food boxes Connect with your friends and family to start a drive today: Host an office food drive Accept food donations at your next birthday party Add a food drive component to your next event Host a Fund Drive: Fund Drives allow us to purchase food at a low cost and distribute it throughout Lane County. You can host a fund drive at your business, organization, or party in a number of ways. You can also become an online fundraiser and invite others to help you raise funds. We make it easy for anyone to host a food drive. We can supply: Food collection containers Logos and other digital files to use in publicity Food Drive Signs Our “Most Wanted Foods” list Social Media Sharing Contact Sarah Reiter at 541-343-2822 ext.124 to set up your food drive today

HOST A FOOD DRIVE: Our Mission, to reduce hunger by engaging our community to create access to food.

ORGANICE UN EVENTO DE RECOLECCIÓN DE ALIMENTOS: Nuestra misión es tratar de reducir el problema del hambre y queremos convocar a nuestra comunidad a que se involucre en procesos que ayudan a crear más acceso a la comida. A FOOD For Lane County le gustaría que el problema del hambre terminara en el condado de Lane y no podemos hacer eso sin la ayuda de toda la comunidad. Casi toda la comida que FOOD For Lane County distribuye en la comunidad es donada, no comprada. FOOD For Lane County distribuye 8 millones de libras de comida anualmente con la colaboración de 163 organizaciones en todo el condado de Lane. ¿Cómo nos puede ayudar usted?: organice un evento de recolección de alimentos no perecederos para que nosotros podamos armar despensas de comida con más variedad de alimentos. Hable con sus amigos y familiares para empezar un evento de recolección de alimentos lo más pronto posible: hágalo en su lugar de trabajo, o pida donaciones para su próximo cumpleaños, o si va a tener un evento, pídales a los invitados que traigan alimentos no perecederos para donarlos. Organice un evento de recaudación de fondos: este tipo de evento nos permite comprar alimentos al mayoreo y, por lo tanto, a un costo reducido para después distribuirlos por todo el condado de Lane. Usted puede organizar un evento de recaudación de fondos en su lugar de trabajo, en una organización o en una fiesta. También puede hacer recaudaciones de fondos en línea y puede pedirles a otras personas que le ayuden con esta labor. Nosotros podemos ayudarle a organizar eventos de recolección de alimentos de las siguientes maneras: • Prestándole tambos para recolectar los alimentos. • Dándole volantes y logotipos de manera digital para que usted los use en la promoción de su evento. • Dándole carteles o letreros para su evento de recolección de alimentos. • Dándole una lista de “las comidas más requeridas”. • Compartiendo su evento en medios sociales. Favor de ponerse en contacto con Sarah Reiter llamando al 541-343-2822, ext.124 para empezar a organizar su evento de recolección de alimentos.


FOOD For Lane County relies on donations of food from a variety of local, statewide and national sources. More than half of the food we distribute annually comes from local donors including individuals, farms, food drives, restaurants, retail and wholesale grocers and businesses.

We are committed to collecting and distributing as many healthy foods as possible. We work hard to solicit foods that meet their people’s nutritional needs. FOOD For Lane County is also committed to providing culturally appropriate food to the people we serve.