Host a Food & Fund Drive


Host a food drive

Food drives generate thousands of pounds of food every year and engage the community in our mission of alleviating hunger.

For more information on food drives, contact Brad Bassi at (541) 343-2822, or email here.

Collect these foods

FOOD for Lane County is committed to collecting and distributing as many healthy foods as possible. Check out what we like to collect.

Resources available from FFLC:

  • Large collection barrels
  • FOOD for Lane County logo
  • Pre-printed donation envelopes
  • Money jars
  • “Most Wanted Foods” poster
  • Shopping guide

Seven steps to a successful food drive

  1. Pick a theme
    Here are some ideas for themes to get your participants inspired:
  • Hold an event– get in free with 3 or more cans of food
  • Host a chili cook off- vote with cans of food
  • Designate days of the week for specific food donations- Macaroni Monday, Tuna Tuesday, Fruity Friday.
  1. Set a date
    Pick beginning and ending dates for your drive. Two weeks duration is usually about right.
  1. Set a goal
    • Ask participants to fill and return paper bags.
    • Have each person donate three to five cans.
    • Set an organization-wide weight goal that is achievable.
  1. Order barrels and containers
    FOOD for Lane County can provide large collection barrels for your food drive. Contact Brad Bassi at FOOD for Lane County at (541) 343-2822 or email here to order barrels.
  1. Collect food
    Create incentives: whoever brings the most food wins a pizza. Have teams compete with each other or with teams from another organization.
  1. Fill out a report form
    Use our Food and Fund Drive Report Form to report how many pounds and dollars you collected. Send the form to FFLC or give it to one of our drivers.
  1. Deliver donation to FFLC
    Or call Brad Bassi at (541) 343-2822 to arrange for food and fund pick-up ahead of time.

Host a fund drive

Fund donations are a powerful way to gather needed resources in our mission of alleviating hunger. For every dollar we are able to provide three meals, and they also help to keep our programs and services running here at FOOD for Lane County.

Five steps to a successful food drive

  1. Gather a team
    Think about your circles of influence: family, community, church, school, work.
  1. Set a date
    Pick beginning and ending dates for your drive.
  1. Pick a project
  • Bake sale
  • Car wash
  • Craft fair
  • Walk-a-thon/ bike-a-thon
  • Raffle
  • Take up a collection
  1. Collect funds
    One way to collect funds is to set up a fund drive on your mobile device.
    1. Text “FFLC” to 71777
    2. Tap “Support FFLC! Click here” in the return prompt
    3. Select “Become a Fundraiser”
    4. Follow prompts to set up your own fund drive account and start collecting donations for FFLC
  1. Deliver donation to FFLC
    Collected funds can be mailed or dropped off at FOOD for Lane County at 770 Bailey Hill Rd.
    Make your donation online.

Other tips for success

  • Make collection site convenient and visible
  • Promote your drive
  • Encourage competition
  • Have a kick-off event
  • Put together a planning team
  • Take a tour of FFLC, or invite FFLC to speak to your group. Track your progress, and give regular updates to participants
  • Announce your results, and thank everyone who contributed to the drive.