Host a Food & Fund Drive

a woman and man with sunglasses and hats hold signs that say need food? call 541-343-2822 and organize a food drive

Host a food drive

FOOD DRIVES generate thousands of pounds of food every year and engage the community in our mission of reducing hunger by engaging our community to create access to food.

We make it simple for individuals or groups to host a food drive.

We will supply you with:

  • Food collection barrels
  • Logos and other digital files to use in publicity
  • “Most Wanted Foods” digital file or poster
  • Money jars for cash collection

FOOD for Lane County is committed to collecting and distributing as many healthy foods as possible. Check out what we like to collect here.

Contact Stefani here or at 541-343-2822 for info.


Host a fund drive

FUND DRIVES allow us to purchase food at a low cost and distribute it throughout Lane County. You can host a fund drive at your business, organization, or party in a number of ways. You can also become an online fundraiser here and invite others to help you raise funds.

Contact Stefani here or at 541-343-2822 for info.


a smiling woman wears cardboard bananas on her head and a food barrel on her shoulders