Tips for a Successful Food and Fund Drive

A successful drive requires you to get the word out about what you are doing.

Once you set up the drive with FFLC, begin publicity in advance. Use social media and websites, post flyers and posters, or make small cards to hand out describing your drive. Don’t forget to talk about it!

Themes are not required but can be helpful in getting people to think about what to bring. For example, you can base your entire drive on specific kinds of food:

“Winter is Coming” (soups and stews)

“Go Fish” (tuna)

“It’s getting chili out there” (beans and chili)

“Plant a Garden” (canned fruits and vegetables)

“Meat the Need” (canned meats)

“Rise and Shine” (Breakfast Foods)

Events are a great way to create a fun atmosphere for people to give. Some examples include:

“Fill in the Lines” – Make a simple outline on a gym floor or common area where people can place food inside the lines. This makes a great visual display.

“Food Sculptures” such as towers, walls, pyramids, or even castles are a fun way to display what is donated and changes daily as more food comes in.

“Can the Principal/Boss” is a fun way to involve leadership in your organization. Fill the principal or boss’s office with cans of food.

“Bake Sales” that used canned food as currency are a tasty treat. One can buys you a brownie or cookie.

“Raffle Tickets” can also be purchased with canned food. Every can brought in is a ticket to win a prize!

“Admission” is the most common way groups collect food. Events with free admission can encourage people to bring canned food or cash donations to get in.

“Voting” with food is a new twist on Chili Cook-Offs, or any friendly competitions that require a popular vote. Rather than casting ballots, votes can be made with coins, cash, or cans of food.

Other ideas:

Birthdays, graduations, or any other occasion that involve gifts can be an occasion to ask for food or cash donations to FFLC.

Classroom or Office Competitions may use FFLC coin jars to collect spare change and compete against each other.

Take up a collection at your meeting, event, or class. Every $1 = 3 meals!

Text to Donate!

  1. Text “FFLC” to 71777 with your smartphone
  2. Tap “Support FFLC! Click here” in the return prompt
  3. Select “Become a Fundraiser”
  4. Follow prompts to set up your own fund drive account and start collecting donations for FFLC.
  5. Deliver donation to FFLC (collected funds can be mailed or dropped off at FOOD for Lane County at 770 Bailey Hill Rd. in Eugene or make your donation online.