Where does the food come from?

Almost all of the food that FOOD for Lane County distributes is donated, not purchased. The food comes from the following sources:

  • 49%  Local Businesses
  • 27%  Oregon Food Bank
  • 17%  United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • 5%    Local food drives
  • <1%    FFLC gardens
  • <1%    Summer Food Program
  • <1%    Other purchased

Does FOOD for Lane County buy food?

FFLC distributes food that has been donated, rescued, harvested, prepared and packaged. Typically, we do not buy the food we distribute because the majority is donated. However, when donations are specified for food purchase, we strive to purchase healthy foods.

Where does the food go? How does it get distributed?

The food is distributed through a countywide network of partner agencies – other nonprofit organizations who partner with FFLC to receive the food and distribute it directly to people in need. The food is distributed in the following way:

  • 70%  Emergency Food Box Agencies
  • 10%  Extra Helping
  • 7%    Emergency Meal Sites and Shelters
  • 6%    Non-emergency Partner Agencies
  • 3%  Senior Grocery Program
  • 2%  Transferred to other food banks
  • <1%  Cereal for Youth
  • <1%  Summer Food Program
  • <1%  Snack Pack
  • <1%  Miscellaneous

Total pounds distributed:  7,663,111 lbs.

How nutritious is the food you receive and distribute?

We believe that emergency food assistance should be wholesome and nutritious – not just fill stomachs with empty calories. The food we receive and distribute has the following characteristics:

  • 21%   Fresh produce
  • 15%   Juice, dairy products and ice cream
  • 16%   Canned food, mixed
  • 18%     Proteins, complete meals, soups
  • 8%     Breads and sweets
  • 8%     Fruits and vegetables, canned or frozen
  • 9%     Cereal, grains, pasta and rice
  • 2%     Prepared food for meal sites
  • 1%     Miscellaneous (beverages, sauces, dressings, condiments, spices, etc.)
  • 1%     Non food items
  • <1%   Pet food
  • <1%   Baby food

In FY 13-14, we established a one-year baseline for Choosing Healthy Options Program (CHOP) scores to measure the nutritional quality of the food we receive and distribute. In FY 17-18, 61% of the food in inventory was able to be ranked using the CHOP system. We found that 94.5% of food products fell into the highest two categories for nutritional value (CHOP 1 – Choose Frequently and CHOP 2 – Choose Moderately).

A pie chart of the Choosing Healthy Options Program (CHOP) scores of Ranked Food.

Who donates to FOOD for Lane County? Where do your monetary donations come from?

FOOD for Lane County depends on the generosity of many different funders:

  • 52.6%  Individuals
  • 16.8%  Government
  • 22%  Foundations and Corporate Grants
  • 4.5%    Investments
  • 4.1%    FFLC Programs and Misc.
A chart showing expenses and where donations come from.

How much of your revenue goes to programs?

Of the revenue FFLC receives from all sources, 92% is spent on program functions. Only 8% is spent on administrative costs. Charity Navigator rates FFLC with a 4-star rating for financial health, accountability, and transparency. We also have a Platinum level seal of transparency from GuideStar.


Unless otherwise noted, all figures are based on the 2017-18 fiscal year.