Find a Meal Site

Information below may not be current. For changes in any program hours or operations due to COVID-19, please call 541-343-2822.

People who are unable to leave their homes for groceries can send a proxy to a pantry to pick up food on their behalf.

an older girl holds a younger girl in her lap. they smile into the camera.

Looking for a hot and nutritious meal? You can sit down at any one of the meal sites in Lane County and get just this. You may visit meal sites as often as you need to, and identification is not required.

Lane County meal sites*

MEAL SITES Currently in Operation (updated 8/21/20)

The Dining Room
270 W 8th Ave
Passing out to-go meals
M-Th 12-12:45PM

St. Vincent de Paul Service Station
450 B Hwy 99 N
(18+ only); limited number of guests in the building, outdoor respite space available
M-F 8:00AM-5:00PM

Ebbert Memorial Methodist Church
532 C St, Springfield
Passing out to-go meals
Monday 8:30-10:30AM
Tuesday/Thursday 8:00-11:15AM

Free People!
19 Tables across from Skinner’s Butte
Saturday Breakfast: 9:15-9:45AM
Saturday Dinner

*Services and times are subject to change.