Community Supported Agriculture

a young blond woman holds a youth farm sign behind bunches of fresh produce

Join the Youth Farm for a culinary and agriculture adventure! Through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, you can support the Youth Farm and FOOD For Lane County, feel a direct connection to the land and people who grow your food, and receive fresh, nutritious produce throughout the growing season.

CSA membership benefits

  • Receive a weekly box of the freshest produce throughout the growing season with a balanced mix of 40 crops grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers
  • Receive bi-weekly newsletters with recipes and stories from The Youth Farm
  • Receive invitations to farm tours and celebrations.

The 2022 CSA is full! Please check back next year to join the 2023 CSA!

spinach, red tomatoes, red potatoes, red peppers, onion, cabbage, carrots, corn, acorn squash

CSA details

FFLC offers a CSA membership option to support our work at the Youth Farm and provide delicious and nutritious local produce: a 25-week CSA with pickup at various drop sites in Eugene and Springfield on Fridays (June 3 – Nov. 18) (Wednesday drop sites for the 2022 season are now full).

We also offer Youth Farm Bucks, as an alternative to our CSA. Pay $90 to purchase a Youth Farm Bucks gift card worth $100 of produce available at our online and onsite produce stands with contact free pick-up, open Saturdays June through October 2022!

Sliding Scale Prices

We offer a sliding scale fee for the CSA membership to make our produce accessible to more people; we don’t ask for income verification, and trust that you will pay as high on the scale as you are able.

 Cost: All drop sites (25 weeks)
Family (9-11 items)
$550-725 sliding scale
Small (6-7 items)
$425-550 sliding scale


We accept SNAP/EBT. CSA members who pay with SNAP are eligible for up to $250 off the cost of their CSA through the PNW CSA Coalition’s Double Up Food Bucks program. If you’d like to use your SNAP benefits to join our CSA, please contact us here.


We offer limited first come, first served scholarships. Contact us to learn more. We encourage all who can to contribute a tax-deductible donation to our limited-income fund to provide CSA boxes to households who cannot afford the sliding scale.

Vacation Credit

If you let us know by the week before, we offer up to 2 weeks’ vacation credit at our onsite produce stand, or the opportunity to pick up a make-up box.

Comments from 2020 CSA members:

“The youth farm CSA is the best opportunity to improve one’s health and diet! The produce is gorgeous and nutritious. The staff is loving, helpful, and friendly. The variety and recipe tips will inspire new adventures in cooking. Being a part of the Youth Farm CSA will promote healthier eating habits and is a great way to help children learn where their food comes from! Thank you for all that you do Youth Farm, my experience has been outstanding and uplifting. I will be a member every year that I am able, it’s my favorite part of the year!”

cantalope, carrots, green lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries and celery in a gray plastic CSA tub

“I have enjoyed the CSA so much! Such a luxury to have beautiful, fresh produce every week. I wish everyone could experience how much better ‘ordinary’ vegetables taste when they’re so fresh. Everyone knows that about tomatoes, I think, but what about broccoli and celery? So much better. I actually look forward to the celery almost more than anything! Thank you for all the great work you do, not only with the CSA, but also the whole endeavor of the Youth Farm. The learning opportunities for the youth, and the partnerships to promote local agriculture. I believe we need to do all we can to encourage local food production, and the Youth Farm is a big part of that.”

green lettuce, apples, cantalope, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, cucumber and sweet red and yellow peppers

“This summer, the summer of COVID-19, I never had to wonder where my produce was coming from, or if my family would have enough to eat, or if the store shelves would have the farm fresh produce I wanted. I knew it would all be organic, fresh, clean, and abundant. I love my FOOD For Lane County CSA every year, but this year it gave me a full stomach and peace of mind, for myself and my whole family.”

red potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries, orange sweet pepper and carrots, yellow squash and green applies, green lettuce and zuchini, beets and red cabbage. eat the rainbow.

“I love getting the fresh, locally grown vegetables and fruits throughout the season. Our family looks forward to discovering each week what new produce we receive. It’s wonderful to not have to shop elsewhere for fresh produce for so many weeks of the year!”

leeks, broccoli, radishes, green beans, green lettuc, cucumbers and yellow squash

“I wish I’d have found you sooner! I love getting my weekly share – it’s like Christmas each week. What a joy!”