Community Supported Agriculture

a young blond woman holds a youth farm sign behind bunches of fresh produce

Join the Youth Farm for a culinary and agriculture adventure! Through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, you can support the Youth Farm and FOOD for Lane County, feel a direct connection to the land and people who grow your food, and receive fresh, nutritious produce throughout the growing season.

CSA membership benefits

  • Receive a weekly box of the freshest produce throughout the growing season with a balanced mix of 40 crops grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers
  • Receive bi-weekly newsletters with recipes and stories from The Youth Farm
  • Receive a 10% discount on produce sold at The Youth Farm produce stands
  • Receive invitations to farm tours and celebrations.

CSA details

FFLC offers two CSA membership options: a 22-week CSA with pickup at one of our produce stands (Thursdays from June 4-October 29; Saturdays from June 6–Oct 31, 2020), and a 25-week CSA (from June 3 to November 18, 2020) with pickup at our 5 drop sites.

Wednesday Drop Sites  Members receive a box of pre-selected produce every week for 25 weeks from June 3 to November 18. The quantity and variety of produce varies through the growing season, and is a balanced mix of every crop that is ripe and ready. We have several options: Pick-up a pre-made weekly Family box (9-11 items) or a Small Box (6-7 items) at one of five locations: In Eugene: 16th & Lawrence, (3:30-7pm); 22nd & Garfield (3:35-7); 770 Bailey Hill Rd.(3:45-7) or in Springfield: 705 Flamingo Ave. (12:30-6:30) or 250 S. 32nd (3:00-7:00)

Produce Stands at Riverbend Hospital and at the Youth Farm Customers have more choice at our produce stands where for 22 weeks members can select from a list of veggies we have on display for sale. For a Family Box, choose 9-11 of  at least 15 items listed, and for a Small Box, choose 6-7 items from the same list. The Riverbend stand is located near the Emergency Room on Riverbend Dr., Springfield, Thursdays from 2-6pm, June 4-October 29; The Youth Farm stand is located at the farm, 705 Flamingo Ave., Springfield, Saturdays from 10am-2pm, June 6–Oct. 31.


Membership in the CSA is on a sliding scale; we don’t ask for income verification, and trust that you will pay as high on the scale as you are able. We offer up to 2 weeks vacation credit at our produce stands if you let us know a week before. We accept SNAP/EBT for membership in our CSA. We also offer limited scholarships. We encourage all who can to contribute a tax-deductible donation to our limited-income fund to provide CSA boxes to households who cannot afford the sliding scale.

Contact us to learn more.


 Cost:Wednesday drop sites (25 weeks)Either Produce Stand (22 weeks)
Family$500-675 sliding scale$450-625 sliding scale
Small$375-500 sliding scale$350-450 sliding scale


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