Alleviating hunger by
creating access to food.


Albertina and her husband immigrated to the United States from Guatemala. The trip was long, hard and expensive. Some days they went without food. There were days they slept on the road.

“Thank God we are here now, because we are free. My husband works every day in the mountains cutting brush. He makes little bundles, and for every 100 bundles he gets $50. From the $50 he is earning, $10 comes out to pay for his ride.

“We try to make it work. I have two children in Guatemala and I need to send them money. I have to pay my rent and electricity. The money goes so quickly. Sometimes it just isn’t enough, so the food box helps us a lot. Thank you so much for that box, truly. Because in our country they don’t treat us like this, giving us a box of food. That you will never see, not even the mention of it.”

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“It’s a very nice place. They got good food and very good service. They always have a happy smile and good conversation. This place feeds a lot of people that would otherwise go without a meal completely.”
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"I get to come out here and grow vegetables for people who really need them and don’t have access to good food. I think agriculture is a really interesting field."
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“I’m pretty strapped by the third week of every month. When my food stamps start to run low and choices are thin, Brown Bag comes along in the nick of time. And it’s healthy food.”
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